Real Estate and Plots in Boisar

Boisar is a city in Palghar district in the state of Maharashtra, India. Located ahead of Virar, Boisar has witnessed a great demand from consumers across the country.

Recent increase of Residential projects and affordable rates are making it hot land and real estate investment. After the prices increased till Virar, the next destination is shifted to Boisar, Palghar area. Once the local trains are extended till Dahanu, one will only dream to purchase property in this area.

Considering that an average of nearly 77,000 commuters travel the 63.8 km from Dahanu Road to Mumbai every day in shuttle services via Boisar, there is a lot of untapped demand. The upcoming projects in Boisar have not only received a great response from consumers in the adjoining areas of Virar but also parts of Gujarat in the vicinity.

TATA Housing has announced the scheme of ‘Nano Housing’, for people who cannot afford costly houses in Mumbai, ranging from 3.6 to 7 Lakhs (INR). This is going to be the second initiative from TATA after Nano cars, which would cater to middle to lower class population. Now Tata is coming with big 2 BHK and 3 BHK housing sector in Boisar.

With a population more than 1.25 lakh people in Boisar and around 10 lakh in the neighboring 10 villages of Boisar, the demand for quality residential property is certainly on a rise. The town already has 8 – 1 0 private hospitals and one government hospital with nine primary schools, 14 nursery schools, four private schools and one high school catering to the needs of existing residents. There are also plans to extend the Western railway network till Dahanu road, that coupled with changing demographics will create an exciting opportunity for people across the country to invest in Boisar.

The town currently has more than 1500 industrial units with global Corporates like Tata Steel, JSW Steel, BARC, Tarapur power station etc providing employment opportunities for people in Boisar and adjoining areas.

There is a significant level of economic activity in Boisar which created more than one lakh jobs over the last decade, thus creating a strong need for housing. There had been no quality supply of residential real estate in this location, leading to a huge demand-supply mismatch. People had to commute for more than an hour each day to reach their workplaces in Boisar.

Boisar is currently governed by a Gram Panchayat which will soon be converted into a Nagar Palika (a small-scale municipality). At present, the basic infrastructure of road, water supply, etc. is provided by the MIDC. The level of infrastructure is acceptable, considering the size and scale of the town. A Big Bazaar, a standalone multiplex and shopping arcades add to the location’s value and potential as a upcoming residential hub. Healthcare and educational facilities also exist. A 15-coach suburban train on the anvil will be able to handle the existing connectivity shortfall, also making the commute easier.

Since the local trains are extended till Dahanu and over the time there will be increase in frequency. The demand spill-over from the Vasai-Virar region hitting this market. This will result in sustained growth, as Boisar offers a much cleaner and greener environment than most other congested regions in and around Mumbai. Also, it will feature residential properties at prices which would otherwise be unavailable in most other parts of the MMR.

It makes great sense to buy a house in Boisar if one is working in the Palghar-Boisar-Dahanu region. With the increased connectivity, it will also be easier to stay at Boisar and work at Malad or Andheri. In the near future, Vasai Road will emerge as hub for economic activities, and this area will soon be easily accessible from Boisar. These factors will work symbiotically to enhance the value of property in Boisar many times over in the next few years.

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